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A party of six adventurers are looking for the Cosmic Forge, a fabled device that can literally write destiny.

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120 years ago, there was an evil king and queen who terrorized their subjects. Especially the king wanted more and more power and therefore teamed up with a dark wizard. Together, they learned about a powerful writing feather, the Cosmic Forge, by a demon they had captured. The demon claimed that everything written down by the feather would become true. They managed to get hold of the Cosmic Forge and started to create horrible things. However, after some time the wizard and the king fell out, which resulted in a battle about the control of the Cosmic Forge. This was the last thing that was ever heard about them. But now a group of heroes is determined to find out what had happened all those years ago and find the Cosmic Forge.

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No, this is not the safe haven and starting point of the earlier Wizardry games. This is, in fact, the first location of the game. Once the party has entered the ancient and abandoned castle, the portcullis behind them falls down. There is no way back for them. Soon they'll find out that the castle is not really abandoned. There are lots of hostile creatures dwelling in the old chambers. The evil king and queen, however, are long gone, though the party are likely to find what they left behind.

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The series' sixth installment was the first to make use of EGA graphics, while the previous five games had used CGA. Like its predecessor, Wizardry V, the sixth game was written and chiefly programmed by D.W. Bradley. Apart from the PC version, the game was also developed for Commodore Amiga and Macintosh computers.

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An SNES translation for this game can be located here for those with the Japanese copy - Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge by TiCo





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