Wizardry Gaiden - The Third Episode: Scripture of the Dark (Japanese: ウィザードリィ・外伝III: 闇の聖典, Uiza-dorii Gaiden III: Yami no Seiten), published in 1993 by ASCII, for the Nintendo Gameboy portable video game system.

While the first two Gaiden games, Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen and Wizardry Gaiden II: Curse of the Ancient Emperor, stuck fairly close to each-other and to Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom, Scripture of the Dark started introducing more radical changes to the formula. This was mostly in the form of incorporating elements of Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge, but retaining the core gameplay derived from Wizardry V.

Notable additions include:

This hybrid system provided the foundation for almost all Japanese Wizardry titles that followed, up-until the Renaissance series.

The game's setting seems to be inspired by Late Antiquity and the plot and enemies carries strong religious and occult themes.

Spell list Edit

The spell lists for Mages and Priests are identical to those in Curse of the Ancient Emperor.

Spells not present in Wizardry V are in Bold.
Spells not present in Wizardry V, but in Wizardry I, II and III are Underlined.
Spells present in Wizardry V, or if not, in I, II and II, but on a different level are in Italics.

Level Mage spells Priest spells Alchemist spells
1 Dumapic (Camp)
Halito (Combat)
Katino (Combat)
Mogref (Combat)
Badios (Combat)
Dios (Any time)
Kalki (Combat)
Milwa (Any time)
Porfic (Combat)
Oslo (Any time)
Poba (Combat)
Nolis (Combat)
Nagra (Combat)
2 Bolatu (Combat)
Dilto (Combat)
Melito (Combat)
Sogref (Combat)
Calfo (Looting)
Matu (Combat)
Kandi (Camp)
Montino (Combat)
Liquera (Combat)
Nofis (Combat)
Calko (Camp)
Fisqurea (Combat)
3 Cortu (Combat)
Kantios (Combat)
Mahalito (Combat)
Morlis (Combat)
Bamatu (Combat)
Dialko (Any time)
Hakanido (Combat)
Latumapic (Any time)
Lomilwa (Any time)
Dalqurea (Combat)
Kantiqurea (Combat)
Mapoba (Combat)
4 Lahalito (Combat)
Litofeit (Any time)
Rokdo (Combat)
Tzalik (Combat)
Badial (Combat)
Bariko (Combat)
Dial (Any time)
Latumofis (Any time)
Maporfic (Any time)
Kaniqua (Combat)
Fofisc (Any time)
Maoslo (Any time)
Banoka (Combat)
5 Bacortu (Combat)
Kanito (Combat)
Madalto (Combat)
Palios (Any time)
Socordi (Combat)
Vaskyre (Combat)
Badi (Combat)
Bamordi (Combat)
Di (Camp)
Dialma (Any time)
Lanifo (Combat)
Fisnoit (Combat)
Maliqua (Combat)
Caldu (Camp)
Morfis (Any time)
Galdi (Combat)
6 Ladalto (Combat)
Lazalik (Combat)
Mamorlis (Combat)
Lokara (Combat)
Zilwan (Combat)
Bamilwa (Combat)
Labadi (Combat)
Loktofeit (Any time)
Madi (Any time)
Mogato (Combat)
Bamoqua (Combat)
Kadios (Any time)
Matokani (Combat)
Fikudira (Combat)
7 Mahaman (Combat)
Malor (Any time)
Mawxiwtz (Combat)
Tiltowait (Combat)
Bakadi (Combat)
Kadorto (Camp)
Mabariko (Combat)
Madial (Any time)
Madalqua (Combat)
Zilfe (Camp)
Calnova (Looting)
Alikus (Combat)