Wizardry Gaiden - The Second Episode: Curse of the Ancient Emperor (Japanese: ウィザードリィ・外伝II: 古代皇帝の呪い, Uiza-dorii Gaiden II: Kodai Koutei no Noroi), published in 1992 by ASCII, for the Nintendo Gameboy portable video game system. It's a sequel to Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen.

The game's engine is identical to it's predecessor apart from additional spells and items and a changed bestiary.

It is the first game in the Wizardry series to not be set in the Kingdom of Llygamyn, instead taking place in the Kingdom of Almarl, swapping the late-Medieval-West-European-derived setting for one inspired Middle-Eastern folklore of the Islamic Golden Age period. This tendency to set each installment in a new location with an unique flavor would continue throughout most of the Gaiden series.

The game's scenario was notably designed by Benny Matsuyama (ベニー松山).

Spell list Edit

The spell list follows Suffering of the Queen closely, with only a few additions:

Spells not present in Wizardry V are in Bold.
Spells not present in Wizardry V, but in Wizardry I, II and III are Underlined.
Spells present in Wizardry V, or if not, in I, II and II, but on a different level are in Italics.

Level Mage spells Priest spells
1 Dumapic (Camp)
Halito (Combat)
Katino (Combat)
Mogref (Combat)
Badios (Combat)
Dios (Any time)
Kalki (Combat)
Milwa (Any time)
Porfic (Combat)
2 Bolatu (Combat)
Dilto (Combat)
Melito (Combat)
Sogref (Combat)
Calfo (Looting)
Matu (Combat)
Kandi (Camp)
Montino (Combat)
3 Cortu (Combat)
Kantios (Combat)
Mahalito (Combat)
Morlis (Combat)
Bamatu (Combat)
Dialko (Any time)
Hakanido (Combat)
Latumapic (Any time)
Lomilwa (Any time)
4 Lahalito (Combat)
Litofeit (Any time)
Rokdo (Combat)
Tzalik (Combat)
Badial (Combat)
Bariko (Combat)
Dial (Any time)
Latumofis (Any time)
Maporfic (Any time)
5 Bacortu (Combat)
Kanito (Combat)
Madalto (Combat)
Palios (Any time)
Socordi (Combat)
Vaskyre (Combat)
Badi (Combat)
Bamordi (Combat)
Di (Camp)
Dialma (Any time)
Lanifo (Combat)
Fisnoit (Combat)
6 Ladalto (Combat)
Lazalik (Combat)
Mamorlis (Combat)
Lokara (Combat)
Zilwan (Combat)
Bamilwa (Combat)
Labadi (Combat)
Loktofeit (Any time)
Madi (Any time)
Mogato (Combat)
7 Mahaman (Combat)
Malor (Any time)
Mawxiwtz (Combat)
Tiltowait (Combat)
Bakadi (Combat)
Kadorto (Camp)
Mabariko (Combat)
Madial (Any time)


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