For the first game of the main series, see Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. For the game made by 59 Studio, see Wizardry Gaiden: ~Prisoners of the Battles~.

Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen
Developer(s): ASCII Entertainment
Publisher(s): Sir-Tech Software

Nexoft Corporation

Designer(s): Andrew C. Greenberg

Robert Woodhead

Saga: Gaiden
Platform: Gameboy
Release date(s): Oct 1, 1991
Genre(s): Role-playing
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Wizardry Gaiden I: Suffering of the Queen (Japanese: ウィザードリィ・外伝I: 女王の受難, Uiza-dorii Gaiden I: Joou no Junan), published in 1991 by ASCII, was the first of the trilogy of Wizardry roleplaying games released for the original gray-scale Nintendo Gameboy portable video game system.

The game is closely based on Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom's engine apart from additional spells, items and monsters. It's the first Wizardry game to have graphics on the town screen.

Spell list Edit

Spells not present in Wizardry V are in Bold.
Spells not present in Wizardry V, but in Wizardry I, II and III are Underlined.
Spells present in Wizardry V, or if not, in I, II and II, but on a different level are in Italics.

Level Mage spells Priest spells
1 Dumapic (Camp)
Halito (Combat)
Katino (Combat)
Mogref (Combat)
Badios (Combat)
Dios (Any time)
Kalki (Combat)
Milwa (Any time)
Porfic (Combat)
2 Bolatu (Combat)
Dilto (Combat)
Melito (Combat)
Sogref (Combat)
Calfo (Looting)
Matu (Combat)
Kandi (Camp)
Montino (Combat)
3 Cortu (Combat)
Kantios (Combat)
Mahalito (Combat)
Morlis (Combat)
Bamatu (Combat)
Dialko (Any time)
Hakanido (Combat)
Latumapic (Any time)
Lomilwa (Any time)
4 Lahalito (Combat)
Litofeit (Any time)
Rokdo (Combat)
Tzalik (Combat)
Badial (Combat)
Bariko (Combat)
Dial (Any time)
Latumofis (Any time)
Maporfic (Any time)
5 Bacortu (Combat)
Madalto (Combat)
Palios (Any time)
Socordi (Combat)
Vaskyre (Combat)
Badi (Combat)
Bamordi (Combat)
Di (Camp)
Dialma (Any time)
Lanifo (Combat)
6 Ladalto (Combat)
Mamorlis (Combat)
Lokara (Combat)
Zilwan (Combat)
Bamilwa (Combat)
Labadi (Combat)
Loktofeit (Any time)
Madi (Any time)
7 Mahaman (Combat)
Malor (Any time)
Mawxiwtz (Combat)
Tiltowait (Combat)
Bakadi (Combat)
Kadorto (Camp)
Mabariko (Combat)
Madial (Any time)

The following Spells have been removed:

  • Ponti (Mage, level 2)
  • Desto (Mage, level 2)
  • Calific (Mage, level 3)
  • Mamogref (Mage, level 6)
  • Abriel (Mage, level 7)
  • Mogato (Priest, level 5)
  • Kakamen (Priest, level 6)
  • Ihalon (Priest, level 7)


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