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Wizardry 8 is the eighth, and so-far final, game in the main Wizardry series. It is also the final and third game in the Dark Savant trilogy. 

As with the first two installments of the Dark Savant trilogy of Wizardry games, Wizardry VI and Wizardry VII, Wizardry 8 has multiple beginnings that continue from the previous games' multiple endings. There are five beginnings in all.

In the final area of Wizardry VII, the Isle of Crypts, the party has a choice to tell their enigmatic partner, Vi Domina, whether or not they have a way to leave the planet Guardia. They have the option of telling the truth and informing her that they found a spaceship, or lying and saying that they have no way to leave. If the party follows the path of truth, the Girl and Globe endings are open to them. If they lie, the Umpani, T'Rang and Globe endings are open to them.  


Wizardry 8 was published nine years after the completion of the previous title, Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant in 1992, and 5 years after the completion of Wizardry VII's Windows 95 version, titled Wizardry Gold in 1996. Linda Currie is credited as producer of Wizardry 8.

During the production of Wizardry 8, its publisher, Sir-Tech, went bankrupt. The final production process was rushed, and finally Sir-Tech was forced to sell advertising space within the game itself in order to make budget. This advertising appears when exiting the game (but not in the European version).

In spite of a 'final save' prior to the final battle, Sir-Tech has announced that they have no plans to make a sequel. The Dark Savant trilogy is complete, and Sir-Tech is out of business.

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  • The German game magazine "PC Action" had Wizardry 8 included on DVD in issue 11/2004.

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