The Trynnie are a rodent-like race that lives on the planet Dominus where the action of Wizardry 8 takes place. They look somewhat like squirrels or hamsters walking upright. They live in Trynton, a city built into the upper reaches of giant trees south of Bayjin. They do not have sophisticated technology. They are familiar with basic mechanics, though, as they have constructed wooden elevators to travel between the levels of their city. Their weaponry is primitive, mostly limited to spears or bows and arrows. However, Trynnie shamans are well capable of casting nature spells.

They are usually friendly towards strangers, though they are regarded with suspicion by the Higardi. Because of their rather weak physique, but high agility, the Trynnie make good rogues. The Rapax, on the other hand, hunt the Trynnie for fun and food, which is the main reason the Trynnie have chosen to live high up in the trees. The guards of Trynton also fight sprites that cause mischief.

Shortly before the heroes' arrival, the Ratkin came to Trynton and set up their headquarter. The Trynnie are not happy about that but are too weak to fight the Ratkin.