The Mad Stomper is a giant blue humanoid with a large and rather frightening maw of teeth that roams Level 3 of the Wizardry V Maze. He has small arms, and very large legs and feet. He is continually stomping his feet, so he can be heard by the party ("Stomp! Stomp!") before his appearance. The creature is not hostile; he reveals his history when asked about his feet. Apparently, his alignment is good, as he will neither talk to nor barter with evil parties. The Mad Stomper is easily charmed, allowing Evil parties to talk to and barter with him.

The Mad Stomper's Story Edit

He was once a handsome prince before a jealous rival hired someone called "Evil Eyes" to transform him. Evil Eyes also cast an itching spell on his feet, so the Stomper's only way of scratching is to stomp like mad. Evil Eyes has told him that he would be turned back into his old shape if he could stop jumping for just one minute, althouth apparently being in a pool (his only relief) isn't allowed.

He can also tell the party that Evil Eyes loves to torture things and tells them the story about The Mighty Yog.

Function in the Game Edit

The Mad Stomper has got the Rubber Duck, which he has found in a pool. He is willing to sell it, but not to evil parties, unless charmed.

Very rarely, buying the Rubber Duck will trigger a glitch that causes the Mad Stomper to offer 35,000gp for every item in the player's inventory.

He sells the party a Rubber Duck for 6,000gp that prevents drowing no matter how deep a character dives. He will also "Trade" his Rubber Duck for an unidentified Halberd--it must be unidentified (?Pole Arm)