The temple can be found in the Castle of Llylgamyn, so, in terms of gameplay, it is an option in the main menu. This is the place where characters with adverse status effects can be healed. This means that the priests can...

  • heal paralyzed (300g) or stoned characters
  • resurrect dead characters
  • resurrect characters who turned to ashes

The party has to pay for the services, although there is no guarantee that resurrection or raising from the ashes will work.

No hit points can be restored in the Temple of Cant (unless a character is raised from the ashes - in this case all hit points are restored). This can be done by letting the party rest in the Adventurer's Inn or by letting the characters cast healing spells themselves.

Likewise, poisoned characters are not healed here, because it is simply not necessary. The moment a poisoned character leaves the maze, he or she will no longer be poisoned.