The Summoner is one of the character classes available to players in the Wizardry series of games. As the name imply the Summoner's spells is centered entirely around summoning other entities to aid them in battle. The Summoner is unique in that it doesn't learn spells by leveling up as usual for other classes. The Summoner is the equivalent in Wizardry of a blend of fantasy archetypes in several role-playing games, most notably the Conjurer and the Beast Tamer.

Wizardry Empire II Edit

In Wizardry Empire II the Summoner learns it's spells from various Shrines found about the dungeon. Furthermore the class can only be gained from the Sorcery Robe item.

Wizardry Summoner Edit

In Wizardry Summoner the summoner learns it's spells during the trek of the dungeon, by fighting monsters and "capturing" them, very similar to the concept presented in Wizardry IV.

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