Madi is the ultimate healing spell in the Wizardry games of the Llylgamyn Saga.  It takes a priest character a long time to reach a high enough level to cast this spell, and a bishop or lord even longer--but it's well worth the effort.

Up to the time when your priest learns the Madi spell, you spend a good portion of your camp time healing the party with repeated castings of Dialma , Dial , or Dios .  Once you have Madi, however, a single casting brings the character it is cast upon up to full hit points, no matter how low they were.

Madi also has the ability to cure any malady short of death--if the character is asleep , poisoned , paralyzed , stoned , or afraid , Madi will cure that along with healing all their damage, and it can be cast during battle as well as at camp.

The syllable "Di" appears in all healing spells, and is also a resurrection spell in its own right.

Spell facts Edit

Name: Madi

Meaning:  Full heal or great heal

Type: Any time

Affects: 1 Person

Effect: Restores ALL hit points to 1 character and cures all their maladies.


This is the ultimate healing spell.  The only way this spell could be more useful would be if it healed more than one character at a time, or if it cured death.