The spell is only available in Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstorm. When it is cast, the word "levitate" will appear in a box on the screen. A levitated party can effectively avoid dungeon traps, such as pits or gas traps, which is signalled by the message "You float over a [name of the trap]." There are unavoidable traps in Wizardry V, among them instant death lightning traps and gas or fire traps that ignore levitate. That being said, grinding to get Litofeit before plumbing past the 1st dungeon floor is advisable, and for going past the second it is imperitive.

Spell Facts Edit

Name: Litofeit (Level 4 Mage Spell)

Meaning : Levitate

Type: Any time

Affects: Entire Party

Effect: Levitates the party to avoid dungeon traps and reduces the chance of being surprised by monsters