Latumofis is a level 4 priest spell that cures poison of one character.  It can be found or purchased in the form of a potion as well.

Casting this spell on a character who is not poisoned has no effect.

This spell can be cast either in camp or during battle.

Spell facts Edit

Name:  Latumofis

Meaning: Cure poison

Type: Any time

Affects: 1 Person

Effect: Removes "Poison" malady from a character's status.


This spell, while seeming quite useful by its description, is generally used more for letting a party stay on moderately shallow levels of the dungeon for longer periods of time.  It can mean the difference between death and survival if the party gets lost in the dungeon, however.

When a character is poisoned, their hit points slowly reduce (-1 HP randomly, every few steps and -1 HP every round of battle).  In most cases, where a party ventures, they should be able to return to the Castle with plenty of time (and healing spells) to spare before a poisoned character dies from lack of hit points.  Returning to the surface every time a character gets poisoned can get monotonous, however, when fighting Spiders, Toads, and Capybaras on levels 3 and 4.  Provided not everyone gets poisoned at once, your level 9 (or so) priest should be able to give the party a couple more battles before they have to return home to rest.


  • Latumofis, Latumapic , and Loktofeit all have 9 characters and are tied for the longest Priest spells.  (Tiltowait is the longest Mage spell, also at 9 characters.)
  • Latu mofis, translated from Latin is "Sit in a simple load", which has nothing to do with the spell.