Humans are one of the races available for character generation in all eight of the original Wizardry games. They are described as excelling at nothing, but having no weaknesses either apart from a "decided lack of piety". This counts for the games of the Llylgamyn Saga (Wizardry I - V).

In the description for Wizardry VI, humans are named as the one race all the others are compared to. They still have no particular strength or weaknesses, but there is no more mention of a lack of piety. This is valid for all three games of the Dark Savant Saga.

The same racial characteristics that count for player characters are of course also valid for human NPCs and enemies.

Human Peoples Edit

In addition to basic non-specified humans, there are several human tribes or peoples in the Wizardry universe, although it is sometimes not specifically stated that they are human. Members of these groups can be, especially in the games of the Dark Savant Saga, NPCs that can join the party.

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Sources Edit

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