Gold is the currency in the Wizardry universe. Characters need it for various reasons. The most obvious is shopping - buying new equipment from merchants. It can safely be said for all Wizardry games (and most computer RPGs in general) that gold becomes less and less important as the game progresses. The reason for this is simple: After a certain stage, characters find new, powerful equipment which is superior to the things available in the shops. There might still be the odd excellent item on display, but the characters can manage the game without buying those. Also, stronger monsters tend to carry more treasure. Eventually, the party will end up with riches, though there are no opportunities to spend the money sensibly.

Gold in the Llylgamyn Saga (Wizardry I - III & V) Edit

The party gets gold for plundering fallen foes. Apart from some random encounters, the monsters' gold is usually stowed away in a chest, which is usually protected by a trap. The characters can also earn some money by selling equipment found in the maze. Buying and selling can be done at Boltac's Trading Post in the Castle.

The characters need gold for:

  • buying equipment (from Boltac or other traders in the maze)
  • uncursing or identifying equipment (a service provided by Boltac)
  • healing and resurrecting characters (in the Temple of Cant)
  • spending some nights at the Adventurer's Inn (This is not recommendable)
  • paying for services in the maze

The last point stands for a variety of situations the party might face. Usually there is someone who likes to be paid for handing over an item, giving way or teleporting the party back to the Castle. In any case, it is a good idea to have enough money ready.

Gold in Wizardry IV - The Return of Werdna Edit

There are not many creatures around who would dare to do business with Werdna. Therefore, gold is of lesser importance to him.

Gold in the Dark Savant Saga Edit

Money is still needed for equipment, though there is no central shop like Boltac's Trading Post any more, but many different NPCs who are more or less happy to do business with the party.