This is one of the races, which players can choose for their characters in all games of the original series - with the exception of Wizardry IV.

Dwarves are robust and strong creatures who like weapons and armor. This makes them perfect for all warrior-type classes, such as the fighter or samurai.

The more complex gameplay of the Dark Savant Saga resulted in the dwarves being credited with poison resistance and magic spell protection. They do not only live in caves, but also in forests.

Dwarves are not only available for player characters. Sometimes, the party might encounter them as enemies. Moreover, certain non-player characters of the Wizardry world are dwarves, such as Ironose in Wizardry V. The proprietor of Boltac's Trading Post is also a dwarf.

Trivia Edit

  • Yes, it says "dwarves" in the manual, not "dwarfs". The manual uses the spelling established by J.R.R. Tolkien, and it seems that the dwarves of all Wizardry games were closely modelled on Tolkien's idea of the race as portrayed in "Lord of the Rings".
    • Then again this is proper grammer nowdays, words ending in "F" end with "VES" when it becomes plural. (Wolf becomes wolves)

Sources Edit

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