Also known as: N/A
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Battle: Yes
Join: No
Saga: Llygamyn

According to the manual of Wizardry II, Davalpus was born in the City of Llylgamyn. Therefore, he was not affected by the power of the Staff of Gnilda. With the help of the lords of darkness, Davalpus overthrew Llylgamyn's royal family and killed them with the exception of Princess Margda and Prince Alavik who could escape. When they were able to retrieve the powerful armor of the great hero, "The Knight of Diamonds", they could confront Davalpus. The tyrant was slain in an epic battle that destroyed Llylgamyn's royal castle, whereby the Staff of Gnilda was lost. With his last breath, Davalpus cursed the city. Only the return of Gnilda's staff could save the city.

Sources: Edit

The Ultimate Wizardry Archives (Manual), p. 60.