Player characters have an alignment in the early Wizardry games of the Llylgamyn saga.

Characters can be Good, Evil or Neutral.

Both Good and Evil characters may change alignment by attacking or leaving peaceful monster groups, however, Neutral characters will always remain neutral.

Alignment is important for using certain equipment, notably Scarlet and Emerald Robes, requiring Evil and Good alignment respectively. The Ring of Skulls is another item that can only be used by Evil characters.

Certain character classes are available only when certain alignment requirements are met.

The Ninja Class requires an Evil alignment.

Lords are required to be Good.

Samurai must be either Good or Neutral.

Theives can be either Neutral or Evil. (duh)

Wizards and Clerics cannot be neutral.

Although Wizardry V favors Good parties, it is possible to complete the entire game with an Evil party and a lot of luck with the Katu spell.

Normally, Good and Evil characters cannot start in the same party from Gilgamesh's Tavern. It is possible to have opposing alignments in a party by dropping off Evil characters in the Maze and having a Good party Search for them. If a character changes alignment while in a party he will be allowed to remain, but will be unable to rejoin the party from Gilgamesh's Tavern if the party is disbanded.