The Adventurer's Inn is a place to rest and recover health and magic (But not recover from status effects) after excursions in the maze in Wizardry I through III, as well as V. This is also where your characters go to level up once they have gained enough experience to do so.

Options in the InnEdit

Inside the Inn, your chosen adventurer will have several rooms to choose from, ranging from the Stables all the way up to the Royal Suite. These cost various rates of gold per week, except for the Stables, which are free, recover only Magic, and age you only one day. Those rates, plus the rates of recovery, are as follows:

Option Cost in Gold Recovery Rate
Stables Free! Magic Only/1 Day
A Cot 10GP/Week 1HP/Week
Economy Room 50GP/Week 3HP/Week
Merchant Suite 200GP/Week 5HP/Week
The Royal Suite 500 GP/Week 10HP/Week

Note that, because the Stables are free, recover your magic, and only age you one day versus at least one week for the other options, the smartest way to recover health is to have someone in your party who knows Priest magic stay at the Stables, go into the Maze, have your Priest magic user/s heal people until they run out of magic, go into town and repeat the process.

Level up bonuses are random, and are determined at the time you decide to sleep. Needless to say, it is easy to scum for beneficial spells and stat bonuses.